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Junior Developer Toolbox is a podcast about building, maintaining, and surviving a career in software engineering. Join us for real talk from the trenches about everyday life as a junior developer.


Erin Mugshot


Erin of the House Orstrom,
the First of Her Name,
the Undefined,
Queen of the :active & the :first-child,
Khaleesi of the Great Trivia Crew,
Protector of the Trivia Swag,
Lady RegEx of the 7 Kingdoms,
Breaker of the Code,
and Mother of Pythons

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The code never lies.

Comments, on the other hand ...

Jason Mugshot


Remember when Marty McFly cranked up Doc’s guitar amp and blew himself across the room? Yeah, that’s my code most days. I love to break things because every error is an opportunity to learn. When I’m not breaking code I’m usually composing music to satisfy an obsessive creativity woven deep in my DNA.