Episode 35 - The Bootcamp Experience: In the Trenches In the Trenches with Lesley Boyd

Episode 35 – The Bootcamp Experience: In the Trenches with Lesley Boyd

In this episode we have a special guest! Lesley Boyd is deep in the thick of her Nashville Software School bootcamp, and is here to talk about her experience. She has a background in corporate roles, from supply chain management and business analyst. In her words, always “on the edge of IT” but she has now taken the plunge and is about 4 months into the NSS program! Welcome Lesley!

“‘Sharpening the Tools’ is the section of the show where we discuss what tools we’re using, concepts we’re learning, and generally how we are continuing our learning in software development.”


Fixed my website! After finally being contacted by a real person from CloudFlare, they pointed out that I had multiple A records pointing to different IP addresses in my DNS settings, which could cause problems such as the one I was experiencing.

I found an article on Github with different IP addresses (of the host server) that I should point my A records to, and violá, my website resolves successfully.


Chugging along with my Angular tutorial, I’ve been learning about building custom Directives and Services and how to use / inject them!



Went to a data science meetup, and discovered https://pybit.es/


“Opening the Toolbox”


Today we’re talking with Lesley Boyd about her experience at Nashville Software School’s bootcamp. We’ll discuss her decision to go into the bootcamp, things she’s learning, and challenges she has faced, and her aspirations after the program is finished.


  1. Tell us a little bit about your background.
  2. How did you get interested in web/software development?
  3. Can you tell us about how you made the decision to go to NSS?
  4. Were there other paths in development that you considered?
  5. You’ve completed the front end segment, right? Can you tell us about your capstone project?
  6. Tell us about your cohort, is it a tight knit group, or …? Are a lot of them in the same career phase as you, or is it varied?
  7. How does it break down in terms of solo work, group work, access to instructors?
  8. What are you most excited about the bootcamp? Anything you’re worried or apprehensive about?
  9. Do you have a sense of the kind of role you’re interested in after you complete the program? Front-end? Back-end? UX/UI Design? Web / mobile?
  10. Have you thought about what kind of industry you want to work in? Fin-tech, healthcare, building websites for an agency, etc.
  11. Is there anything you wish you had known about the program before you started?
  12. Any other goals or things you hope to learn in the program?


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lesleyaboyd/

Twitter: @boyd1lesley

Personal site: https://www.lesleyaboyd.com/






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