Thank you!

After much bittersweet deliberation, Erin and Dave have decided to discontinue recording the JDT podcast. We’ve learned a lot, discovered new ideas, pushed each other beyond our comfort zones, and most importantly – gotten to connect and interact with you, our wonderful listeners. That’s been the best part – we are grateful and truly humbled that so many awesome developers tuned in to the conversation as we explore this industry together. It has been a truly wonderful experience.

Thank you.

We especially want to show our gratitude to our patrons – people who believed in what we’re doing so much that they reached into their own pockets to help us stay afloat. Your generosity is overwhelming!

With that said, this show takes a lot of time and energy to write, plan, and produce. After forty episodes we find ourselves needing a break, and wanting to take back some of that time towards new challenges and projects. We want to wish you the best as each of you grow in your careers – and hope you always keep sharpening your tools.

We promise you haven’t heard the last from us, but for now … take care, and thank you all so much.

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