Gear, Gadgets, and Apps - Oh My! Available 12/19

Episode 6 – Gear, Gadgets, and Apps – Oh My!

For our holiday episode we discuss some fun tools, and programs we use at home and around the office.

00:55 – Sharpening the Tools

00:57 – Erin is still learning Swift and Beginner iOS development track on Treehouse.

2:50 – 4:30 – Dave goes to Scrum training

4:30 – 6:10 – Jason is learning backend stuff, learning about deadline challenges and general chaos that sometimes happens in software development.

Sometimes the only way to learn a new thing, is to just jump in the deep end and learn to swim.

5:58 – Opening the Toolbox

6:32 – 9:30 – Roost Laptop Stand

I’ve read that you’re supposed to have your screens at eye level, to help reduce strain on your neck and shoulders, and this stand really helps with that.

9:55 – 12:52 – Varidesk

Sitting down all day is bad for you, and I’m definitely experiencing some shoulder and back strain that I’m hoping to find some solutions to alleviate.

14:28 – 16:11 – Trueno Synth

For musicians and home recording folks, check out this small analog synthesizer “masquerading as a USB stick.”

16:12 – 19:34 – VS Code

Visual Studio Code turned out to be the text editor of choice for all 3 JDT hosts! We talk about the many editors we’ve used along our way to discovering this gem.

19:45 – 24:06 – Split keyboards

We briefly discuss ergonomic and split keyboards, and promptly go on a tangent about proper typing technique 🙂 Does anyone remember Mavis Beacon?

Typing Resources –

24:14 – Spectacle and Magnet

Two Mac applications for managing your workspace and windows on desktop.

Pro tip: “You should really lock your screen when you walk away!” Trust us. Your co-workers are vicious.

29:54 – Caffeine

Prevents your computer from going to sleep.

33:09 – Flux and Redshift

Filters out blue-light after sunset to help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

36:35 – Computer chairs

We discuss posture, neck support, tilt angle, adjustable arms

41:06 – Erin’s job search update.

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Hi, I’m just want to say thanks for share with people like me, who want a change in his career, all the information, knowledge and experience like Junior Developer. I’m almost done with CS50, a course from EDX that I really enjoyed and right now I’m starting freecodecamp. I can’t wait for next episodes, Merry Christmas from a Spaniard from Canada to all the team. Never give up 😉

Junior Developer

Hi Lucas!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your holidays.

Thanks for your comment and for listening to the show! We’re delighted that you’re finding our content beneficial and wish you luck in transitioning into the world of web and software development.

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