Episode 39 - Starting a Project on the Side

Episode 39 – Starting a Project on the Side

In this episode we’ll be talking about different considerations when building an application outside of your day job. We’ll talk about gathering requirements, choosing a tech stack, and setting the right expectations with your client.

“Sharpening the Tools” – the section of the show where we discuss what tools we’re using, concepts we’re learning, and generally how we are continuing our learning in software development.


Making progress on the Python track. Finished the Lists course and workshop on __dunder__ (double under) main. Currently working on Object-Oriented Python.

Spent a couple of weeks being a Teacher’s Assistant in NSS’s Jumpstart class.

Also, got a job promotion to “Software Engineer”, so I suppose I’m officially no longer a “junior” developer.


Followed a dotnet core tutorial for a simple Todo App, and built the Angular UI to integrate with it. Excited about Angular Testing workshop that work is sending me to later this week!


“Opening the Toolbox”

Today we’re discussing things to consider when getting started on a side project.


  • What are we going to build? How to approach it?
  • Talk with stakeholders about Requirements
  • Plan for getting feedback from them throughout the project
  • Tech stack
  • Hosting
  • Deployment platform (Heroku, Digital Ocean, etc.)
  • Cost? Budget?
  • Timeline & availability for those working on the project
  • Splitting up the work
  • Tracking the project
    • Use Trello or a similar project tracking tool




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