Episode 29 Junior Dev Self Care, Part 2

Episode 29 – Jr. Dev Self Care, Part 2

In this episode we’ll be talking about giving your brain a break! We’ll touch on strategies for recovering from mentally taxing work, and the importance of taking time for ourselves.

“‘Sharpening the Tools’ is the section of the show where we discuss what tools we’re using, concepts we’re learning, and generally how we are continuing our learning in software development.”

“Sharpening the Tools”

More Docker. How it differs from virtual machines. The Dockerfile is the config file for managing images and containers. Etc.

Docker docker docker! Went to EEConf and learned some exciting news. Also had a Docker workshop that was interesting, now I’m trying to figure out some other ways to set up and use docker

“Opening the Toolbox” (20 – 30 mins)

Episode Outline

Today we’re going to be discussing the importance of taking time to care for yourself. In episode 25 we discussed physical ways to take care of yourself while you’re working – today we’re going to continue that theme in a more general mental way.

Disclaimer: We’re not doctors! Anything discussed here represents our opinions, and shouldn’t take the place of real medical advice.

Mentally taxing work / Burnout

Ways to give your mind a break:

  • Meditation / yoga
  • Unplugging! (camping?)
  • Take a bath
  • Go for a walk or a hike
  • A hobby – woodworking or other arts & crafts
  • Whatever works for you and makes you feel relaxed or re-energized

Why is it so important to take time for ourselves?

  • Diffuse thinking – mentioned way back in Episode 5 – The N00b Never Stops
  • Mental fatigue – some days you just feel like your brain is fried
  • “Mental health days” – mini vacations, long weekends
  • Vacation – widely considered to be good for your health, reducing stress, etc
    • Not everyone gets this perk. Contractors / freelance may have a harder time
    • Not everyone TAKES this perk. Places with unlimited vacay show people use less
    • Tends to delay stress. Slammed when you get back, playing catch up, reduces the benefit by injecting all that stress back

How could we better plan for a relaxing break?


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