Episode 28 Masters of the Scrumiverse with Becca Hiller

Episode 28 – Masters of the Scrumiverse with Becca Hiller

In this episode we’re diving deeper into Agile and Scrum, and continuing our exploration of various tech roles. We’ll have a chat with Becca Hiller about what she does as a Scrum Master.

We’re excited to introduce a special guest on this episode: Becca Hiller has worked as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Project Manager, and is generally responsible for keeping her teams working smoothly and productively!

So, we recently did an episode about Scrum on Junior Developer Toolbox, and discussed that a lot of companies do Scrum differently. Let’s get ask someone who does this every day! We’ll ask


Can you walk us through a typical day?

What drew you to this kind of role?

What kind of education prepared you well for this role?

What’s something you don’t enjoy about your job?

What would you tell someone interested in pursuing this kind of role?


Thanks very much to Becca for taking the time to talk with us! She mentioned some excellent resources for learning more about Scrum and Scrum Mastery …



Essential Scrum – by Kenneth Rubin


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