Episode 24 Head In the Cloud: DevOps with Ryan Tanay

Episode 24 – Head In the Cloud: DevOps with Ryan Tanay

We’re excited to introduce a special guest on this episode: Ryan Tanay has background in digital art, networking, and server administration. He is Nashville Software School graduate and now works as a DevOps engineer here in Nashville. We thought he’d be the perfect person to ask, “what is DevOps anyway?”

Sharpening the Tools:

Erin goes down a rabbit hole trying to figure out how to set up SQL Operations Studio and a Docker image of SSMS 2017 on her Mac.

Dave goes down his own rabbit hole playing around with coding a fight emulator based off original Final Fantasy game logic.

Ryan has fun setting up AWS Cloud Formations at work.


I think there’s a lot of misunderstanding around what DevOps is, and I think there’s a great deal of variance from company to company. We sit down with Ryan Tanay to explore exactly what he does. Find out why he calls it “the code behind the code.” We’ll also ask:

Were you looking for this type of role specifically, after graduating NSS?

Did you feel your education prepared you well for this type of role?

Can you take us through a typical day as a DevOps engineer?

What technologies do you use?

What allows your team members to help you do you your job effectively?

What would you tell someone interested in learning about or exploring DevOps?

What’s something you wish you knew before starting this role?

Find Ryan on Twitter @ryantanay

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Nashville DevOps Meetup:


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