Episode 22 Junior Jumpstart

Episode 22 – Junior Jumpstart

In this episode, we discuss how we would approach learning to code if we were starting from the beginning.

“Sharpening the Tools”


Been digging into Web and Software Security a little bit more using resources from the OWASP Vulnerabilities Treehouse course I talked about last episode. Learning about Cross-site scripting attacks, how to properly store session information, SQL injection and much more. Security is such a big topic and so important I think it’s a good idea to at least learn some of the basics and best practices to defend against the most common threats.


I started a beginner Python tutorial to get familiar with the basic syntax. I’ve been thinking about enrolling in some data analytics classes, and just checking things out a bit. It’s an interesting departure from the C-based style I’m used to!


“Opening the Toolbox”


Today we’re talking about how to get started if you’re beginning to learn to code. We’re taking a look back at our journeys so far, and what if anything we might have done differently. Hopefully this might be helpful for those of you on the fence, or in the “Hello World” stage of your learning.


Learning to Code

  • Preparing to learn
    • Learning how to learn
    • Do I really want to do this?
  1. Tech meetups / other devs
  2. Informational Interviews
  3. Shadowing?
    • Deciding on educational path
  1. College
  2. Bootcamp – next episode, coming soon!
  3. Self-taught?
  1. Functions, variables, conditionals, loops
  2. Algorithms, datatypes, control structures
  • Programming Paradigms
  • Narrowing Focus
    • Ease of distraction
    • JavaScript fatigue
  • Build, build, build!
    • Best way to practice and show what you’re learning
    • What kind of projects?


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