Episode 21 Working Remotely, Or Remotely Working?

Episode 21 – Working Remotely, or Remotely Working?

This week we’re talking about working from home, and discussing the pros and cons of working remotely.

Sharpening the Tools


Finally finished the Angular course I stared on Pluralsight a couple of months ago.

Other miscellaneous courses on Treehouse. Design Fundamentals, OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities.


Gave a presentation to the freeCodeCamp Nashville meetup on Mobile First. Expanding on my “DevChat” I gave to my work team, and some ideas we explored in the last JDT episode, I presented a slideshow discussing the impact of a mobile first perspective on development projects. It seemed to go over pretty well, and I hope to keep working on my speaking skills with the eventual goal of giving a conference talk.


Shout Outs:
Katrina left us a comment on Episode 19, saying:

Hi guys! First off I love your podcast, I’ve been listening to it for a few months and it has helped me feel brave enough to get into a bootcamp and get started my developer career!

I really wanted to make a not about episode 19 where a lack of confidence was cited as a reason why women do not apply to jobs where they don’t meet %100 of the requirements.

I would like to put forth that it may be more of a self-awareness than lack of confidence. A number of studies have shown that men may be more likely to be hired based on potential, whereas women more often need to have the experience already.

It could come down to an issue with hiring status quo rather than from a woman’s confidence in herself. Whatever the case, I sincerely hope more women will apply for stretch positions!




Opening the Toolbox

Telecommuting has gained popularity in recent years, with 23% percent of workers doing at least some work remotely in 2015 (was 19% in 2003) – Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Work flexibility is in demand from both young people entering the workforce, and older workers deferring or “phasing” retirement.



Generally, more productive

Less likely to take time off

Reduce commute costs

Company of pets/animals

Lower/no stress from commuting

Good for the environment

Control over where and when you work

Fewer “just stopping by” distractions

Balanced meal / physical exercise



Harder to maintain a work/personal boundary

Left out of social activities/lonely

Harder to collaborate

Context of conversations lost over slack / email

Webex/Skype hell …

Security concerns?

Different distractions – kids, pets, deliveries, etc.



OWASP – Open Web Application Security Project



Extra Links



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