Episode 20 - Exploring Mobile First and Responsive Design

Episode 20 – Exploring Mobile First and Responsive Design

This week we’re talking about the history of mobile devices, and how they have affected different aspects of and approaches to software development.

“Sharpening the Tools”


Shifting into a full-time mindset. Not having to track hours and turn them in. Getting all my ducks in a row with health benefits and 401ks and what not.


…Learning about site performance, and page load optimization, which we’ll get into more detail later in this episode. But my past week has been finding new ways to get web assets to load as quickly as possible, to provide a good user experience.


Shout Outs:
Teddy Williams – is a self taught developer who recently landed his first developer job. He listed out various resources and tools he found along his journey, and mentioned that he enjoyed Junior Developer Toolbox! Thank you so much for the shout out, Teddy! Congratulations, and we’re wishing you good luck on your new gig!


“Opening the Toolbox”

What is mobile first? Generally speaking, it’s an approach to “responsive” design that prioritizes building for smaller screens or resolutions before scaling up to larger screens.

History of mobile first

    • Remembering “Mobile Web”
    • Steve Jobs unveils iPhone, 2007
  • Remembering our experiences
  • How to accommodate a wide range of devices
    • Separate pages for mobile
    • “Responsive design”
      • Grid System
      • Fluid Images
      • Media Queries
  • 2011, Luke Wroblewski
  • More than just design / development
    • Affects other aspects of project management, testing, etc
    • Optimization
    • Really understanding / prioritizing your user



Bootstrap 4 Basics on Treehouse:


Responsive Layouts on Treehouse:




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