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Episode 2 – Git R Done

In this episode we talk about version control – essentially a way to track your work and collaborate with others on projects so that you’re not stepping on each others toes. In fact it’s kinda like saving in Skyrim …

0:54 – “Sharpening the Tools” – What’s Everyone Learning This Week?

Erin: Time Management

Dave: Checking out Firefox Quantum Dev Edition – a new browser to challenge the mighty Chrome??

Jason: Are QR Codes making a comeback?


3:46 – “Opening the Toolbox”

This week we’re talking about version control. Namely, git, github, SVN, Mercurial, and TFS – what is it, why and how should you use it? This is an essential tool in every junior dev’s toolbox.

5:12 – Git is kinda like saving in Skyrim!

7:48 – Commitment Issues – how often do you commit? “You don’t want to push broken code on other people.”

13:20 – Merge conflicts! Oh my! GUIs verses command line.

20:41 – HacktoberFest open source challenge – a great way to start contributing on github, along with FreeCodeCamp’s Guides project!

24:30 – Excel Hell – an example of life without version control, and how it can kill a team’s productivity.

28:15 – Job Hunt Update – The reality of every career is that jobs aren’t permanent and change is inevitable! This new section will follow along on the job hunt as one of our fearless hosts deals with a contract ending and begins the search anew.


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