Episode 19 Job Listings

Episode 19 – Are All Requirements Required? A Closer look at Job Listings

This week we’re talking about knowing when to apply to a job. Do you need to have all of the experience and listed requirements? How do you know you’re ready?

We’ve all seen job descriptions with a long laundry list of technology requirements. What if you don’t meet all of these? Should you still apply? Is it okay to exaggerate or fudge your experience?


3 Reasons for ridiculous postings

  • Inexperience at hiring
  • Looking for a unicorn / purple squirrel
  • Phantom Posting / just for show

Use your network

70% Rule – Applying when you have the majority of the required skills, but not all. But wait, are women more likely to apply only when they meet 100%?


Hard requirements vs. wish list

Not all requirements are created equal. If they require security clearance or a specific certification, that might not be as flexible. But if I’m familiar with JavaScript frameworks and they require one I haven’t used, I might be able to cram and know the basics in a matter of weeks.

Certain keywords or factors might prevent you even being considered …

  • Is it okay to exaggerate on your application / resume?
  • Can you discuss a technology you haven’t used intelligently in an interview?
  • Last minute cramming on a skill?
  • A recruiter sent me a listing I don’t think I’m qualified for. Maybe they know something I don’t
  • Years of experience? How strict of a requirement is this?

“I’ve always thought that years of experience isn’t necessarily a good indicator of seniority. That’s only because you can have 5 years of creating Hello, World and you wouldn’t have nearly the same level of experience as someone who has only 6 months of detailed work on a specific language or framework.”
– gaProgMan (Jamie)

Looking at specific job listings. Would you apply?

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Katrina Garloff


Hi guys! First off I love your podcast, I’ve been listening to it for a few months and it has helped me feel brave enough to get into a bootcamp and get started my developer career!

I really wanted to make a not about episode 19 where a lack of confidence was cited as a reason why women do not apply to jobs where they don’t meet %100 of the requirements.

I would like to put forth that it may be more of a self-awareness than lack of confidence. A number of studies have shown that men may be more likely to be hired based on potential, whereas women more often need to have the experience already.

It could come down to an issue with hiring status quo rather than from a woman’s confidence in herself. Whatever the case, I sincerely hope more women will apply for stretch positions!

Hello Katrina,

Thanks so much for listening to the show! We’re immensely glad that it’s helped you take the leap to complete a bootcamp program and get started in the software development field!

I think your note on women’s lack of self-awareness vs. confidence being a factor in women not applying for jobs is accurate. It can especially be an issue since software development is still very much a male dominated field, and I feel that women often feel they have to “prove themselves” and their abilities to a team full of men. Generally speaking, I think that men are continuing to become more accepting and encouraging of women in software development, but I still think there’s a lot of hesitancy left over from a time when this wasn’t so.

Thanks for your comment and for joining the conversation!

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Hi Erin,

Thanks for your thoughtful response! Just joined the channel. 🙂


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