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Episode 15 – Resumes for Career Changers

Episode 15 – Resumes for Career Changers

Today we’ll be talking about resume structure, describing relevant experience, highlighting applicable skills, and projects!

Sharpening the Tools


She spent some time the other week on an intro to Machine Learning course on Treehouse, and got to a point in the tutorial where she couldn’t launch the environment successfully as was being shown in the video. So she spent an hour or so Googling what was going on and how to fix the issue, and – word to the wise – Anaconda and the Python shell do not currently work with Oh My Zsh, which is a an open source, community-driven framework for managing your ZSH configuration. (What does that mean??) It’s essentially a tool for your terminal that helps you use the command line more efficiently, as it comes bundled with a ton of helpful functions, helpers, plugins, themes, and more.


Dave has started a new Udemy tutorial that came highly recommended by a friend: Build an app with ASP.NET Core and Angular from scratch. He hasn’t gotten very far in yet, but he’s been struggling to find a way to work on C#/.NET on a Mac – it hasn’t been easy to find, and sometimes he’s started one, only to figure out the tools don’t work in his environment. A friend suggested this tutorial could be done entirely on VSCode and didn’t require regular VS which always tripped him up. He’s hoping that his exposure to Typescript will help him pick up C#, and also to get some experience with relational databases as opposed to the NoSQL mongoDB he’s used before. This tutorial will have him building a swipe-culture dating app.

Shout Outs!

Opening the Toolbox

Many people who found their way into web and software development came with experience from another career. They have work experience, but it’s a question of how to apply relevant skills and experience to their new career.


  • Resume structure isn’t strict. If you don’t have strong experience, put skills and projects first.
  • Listing Boot Camps or software School as a job / experience
  • Listing online coursework? Nanodegrees, projects from tutorials? Maybe talk about changing up a project from a tutorial instead of listing it directly
  • Summary / Objective – shared examples ?
  • What to apply for? When they ask for 1 – 2 + years of experience?
  • Freelance or open source work. Contributing to freeCodeCamp, other github projects? Websites for charity?
  • Highlighting ‘transferable skills’


Erin’s first software developer resume

Dave’s first software developer resume


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Episode 14 – Good Enough for Government Work With BJ Burns and Jason Weakley

Episode 14 – Good Enough for Government Work With BJ Burns and Jason Weakley

Today, we’ll be looking at what it’s like to be a government software developer, and how this area differs from working in the private sector. We’ll touch on differences in work life balance, how branches of government can affect your work, the impact of the things you’re building, and considerations for all your citizen users.

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